Whether the procedure is an arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder or lumbar epidural injection, our facility offers technologically advanced medical equipment to allow our surgical teams to execute their superior clinical expertise. We are dedicated to treating our patient’s medical needs with an enduring commitment to excellence.

Orthopedic Surgery:
Arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder • Trigger fingers of the hand • Carpal tunnel release of the wrist• Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction of the knee • Rotator cuff repair of the shoulder • Fracture reduction and fixation • Knee unicompartmental arthroplasty

Gynecology (GYN)
Dilation and Curettage (D&C) • Hysteroscopy
Essure  ( Female Contraception ) • Endometrial Ablation 
Endometrial Biopsy • Insert an IUD • Remove an IUD

General Surgery:
Biopsies • Hernia repair • Vein ligations • Removal of simple benign mass

Pain Management:
Trigger point injections • Selective nerve blocks
Cervical and lumbar epidural blocks • Facet blocks
Intraspinal drug infusion

Otolaryngology (ENT):
Non-cutting procedures for snoring and sleep apnea
Tympanoplasty • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
Myringotomy • Soft palate reconstruction • Turbinate removal
Laryngoscopy • Nasal septal reconstruction
Endoscopic sinus surgery (instatrak)

Podiatric Surgery:
Ankle ligament surgery • Bunionectomy with osteotomy
Matrixoctomy • Excision of bone spurs • Excision neuroma
Hammertoe correction • Toenail and plantar wart surgeries

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